Hello there sweet ones and welcome to our brand new 
Roots & Branches Blog •••
for those of you who have just popped in,
So blessed to have you,
my name is Rebekah Robinson it’s so nice to meet you and come into your sweet life,
I have been posting and writing for years, but never had a blog so I’m so excited to share my sweet life in a totally awesome way,
married to my high school sweetheart Aaron,

we live on a simple farm in southwest Virginia with all kinds of farm life,
I’m a washed up hairdresser after 14 years came home to work with my hubby in our biz…

R & R Enterprises ( the best in worst kinda business 😉) here is were we want to share and help other young entrepreneurs starting out,

learning when you are young and picking a trade is perfect way to accomplish many dreams, working for yourself is hard but so gratifying at the same time,we love to share with other young couples the joys and struggles you face,

We have three amazing girlies God gave us they are our precious blessings, they are the reason we stay so young 😂 with lots of grey hair too!!! We love styling and finding the best deals, we love swapping out the latest trends with old goodies that are timeless!!!

I dabble in interior design,
vintage picking is my thing ,

anything old, vintage or timeless, I find pure joy in
fixing, painting and making new again, letting each piece tell it’s own story,

there are a ton of little things on my instagram page I love doing,
projects we work on, fashion and compassion
trying to say I do one thing is chaos,
I love cooking and cleaning especially when I find treasures under all the mess, 
my favorite is spending time with our huge family they have taught me so much and can’t wait to have them share on here as well,

I can’t wait to share my life with you,
one word,
one phrase,
one sentence at a time
so honored to have you along for this ride,
I’m so excited to share that:
laughter is the best medicine 
love is contagious,
and that Jesus has blessed us so |

20 thoughts on “Welcome

  • So so so excited for you and us.
    Can’t wait to see where this journey leads. I know the Lord will have his hand of blessings on you guys 💕💕💕

    Lori G
  • awe thanks so much!!!
    we are so very excited for this new journey
    love you & so happy you are part of our CREW

  • Beautiful! God will bless you and your journey while blessing others through you. Thank you for taking this step of faith.

  • Yay!!! Looks awesome! Excited for you!!! I know you’ll touch many lives through this little outlet! 💗

    • Twig
      In reply to Anna (#7)

      thanks so much sweet friend
      love you tons thankful for all you have done for us your pictures are amazing & tells our story PERFECT
      so glad to have you along for this fun ride

  • I’m so excited for you!!! Your heart is so big and beautiful, this is your calling and I can’t wait to be apart of your new adventure!! Love ya❤️

    Melissa Guynn
  • With tear stained cheeks and a heart bursting with joy. We are sending out a Hallejauh shout and praise to God for this huge leap of faith that Rebekah has taken. Her heart’s desire is to be used of God as she shares her world, and life and walk with God. We are excited to be part of her family and journey. Praying this Blog will bring hope and light ,laughter and tears and a desire for a closer walk with God as we journey along beside her . ❤💙 Mom and Dad

    • Twig
      In reply to Rebecca Edmonds (#12)

      Oh sweet mama your words are so precious and I have learned from the very best ❤️You made me cry all my makeup off & we can’t have that now 😂 this has been a long time coming and I’m so proud that you have been with me every step of the way you are my hero,my mentor and I can’t wait to feature you on here ❤️Get ready blog world sweet mama is coming❤️

  • So excited to see this dream come true by our sweet daughter-in-law. So proud of all the hard work that Aaron and Rebekah have done over the years to make their business a huge success. With their faithfulness to God, He has blessed. Bill and I are so glad that we were a small part of it before we retired. We loved retirement and we are blessed with our family. God is good!

  • Yay! Looks perfect Beka. You’ve being dreaming of this for a while. So happy for you and congratulations I’ll know you will do exciting and wonderful things here. ❤️

    Casey Edmonds
  • Congrats Rebekah! Love hearing about you guys!

  • So excited for you all!!! U and your family have always been so special to Me!!! It always brings such joy to me when I see your smiling faces !!! God will do great things through you!!!!

    Joy morris
  • You are one of my most favorite, all time people. Your heart is pure and beautiful and your family is special! Follow your big, inspirational heart, shine your bright light and keep sharing all the love through your passions!!! Your example is timeless pretty soul…… Big hugs on your fun adventure!❤🤗

    Roxanne Watson

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