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As I begin to even write these sweet words about the most amazing woman in my life, my precious mother, my heart is just full of gratitude and appreciation, so much love for the woman she is, and what she has done for me throughout my growing up years and as I have become a mother myself. May is the month we celebrate Mothers and mine is definitely one to be celebrated and love her so much.

Realizing a mother’s love transcends any hurt or sadness you may have, or the greatest joys you have in your life, sharing about all my life makes the situations seem better or even the joys so much more precious with her.

Looking back and seeing how she made growing up fun and how at every opportunity instilling values into our lives in every situation, was always using some small things to teach us about life. Those have been steady lessons that have stayed with us years later, and let’s be honest I’ve used quite a few on my girls.

These small lessons that in the end were big lessons for us to use when we became adults, and mothers. From cooking and cleaning to showing love, and loving each other hard, being a great team player… we had a team of our own with our own big family, coming together and just sharing the load, teaching us that to care for each other was one of the greatest blessings. Family is forever and the more you love the more you have room for love “abundantly” tons to share to others.

As I have gotten older I have really wanted to love my sweet Mother well, honor her and just spoil her a little like she did us growing up. Laughter was a huge part of our sweet home and momma always said “don’t take yourself so seriously, and always laugh at yourself “ laughter is the best medicine she proved it over and over.

Now she is why I am the way I am. She is a spit fire… Blame it all on the Mother 😉 Made us kids walk the straight line and even our friends. Instilled the wrath of God in our souls. As most moms do she had this look that “you knew” when you got home you best go to your room… But she also had a look that made you know “You got this, go for it, nothing can stop you”

She loved us like no other, the best mama-loving any kid would want or ever need. The kinda love as children we wanted to make mama proud because she loved us unconditionally. No we weren’t perfect-not ever, not even still, but we all wanted to make her HAPPY and that meant doing what she asked.

She let us all create, even though we would make a huge mess at times, she let our imagination and ambitions take flight, growing up in a single wide trailer, we were close and shared everything (literally). Mother knew how to take something we made or created, or gave to us something that someone was going to throw away and make it look original or like a million bucks… can you see where I get my “rummage and restore” from?❤️ We thought we had the best, which now we know we did. We had LOVE of FAMILY!!!!

Chores were a must that we all shared.
Tuesday & Friday were dust days, I would always move the furniture around & stage the house different… mom letting me create a beautiful space for our family, so even at a young age I was taking what we had and making it feel new again just putting it in another spot or arranging it different…so you had better watch out walking through the house after a furniture move. Your toes & shins were not safe at all😂 I love how she taught us the value of family and loving each other and forgiveness when things or situations don’t go our way. There were many hug sessions or stare downs with siblings but she would always have a way of correcting us and in the end we would all end up laughing and “hug it out” as she would call it!!!!

She is my gracious sweet Momma that I am blessed beyond measure to have and call Mother…

Thank you momma.

She has sent me a small note or letter over the years,

and it never fails to be right on time

In 2003 she wrote me one that forever changed my thinking,

a consistent strength has come from that small note,

it was no special event

no fancy paper,

just a big post-it note,

just her sweet soul writing,

and giving it to me to have and hold 

dear words to cling to.

This is one of those many letters I treasure most over the years, always go to it when I have a bad day or just need a “pick me up”

Keeping it close to my heart,

these words have forever been my steady guide.

I have placed it before me and read it lots over the years clinging to every word,

definitely one that others lean into and ask advice of.

My mom is one of a kind 

she is the greatest listener

she absorbs every chance to give back into others’ lives,

she is my most bestest friend and I love her so…

she has forever taught me the power a sweet note can have.

Hold them mommas tight sweet ones.

Love them fiercely

So thankful for all my mommas He has put in my path,

blood, kin and adopted into.

Forever grateful & blessed to have you…

I love you sweet Mother, I am who I am because of you❤️ |

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  • Your truly blessed your mom is great and I love her. She has gave me words of wisdom And I say them to myself when I get into a situation.


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