One of the best opportunities of our business,

is that we get to help people-usually when they are in crisis mode

it’s a frantic call in the middle of the night realizing they have no water,

needing a bathroom pronto

or when they walk down in their basement to find a river of some sort 🌊💩 ( which is never good )

we have tons of reality mishaps,

and save the day moments,

which is always a good way to end the day, knowing you have helped someone in some small or sometimes big way,

years ago I remember 

one particular day started like any other,

we got a call from a sweet elderly lady about a problem with her water,

she was in full panic mode needing her issue fixed pronto,

so Aaron and my brother Jason took the call and headed to the situation to help,

To let you in on Aaron and Jason they have been best friends for decades,

they have tons of stories they could share from growing up,

always together,

most of the time in mischief,

they got to work together for a couple of years and lots of laughs,

and memories made,

these two were like the older ladies’ heroes and this day was one of them,

they got to the lady’s house,

and she was the sweetest,

one of those you want to bring home and take care of,

love to sit and drink coffee with and hear all her stories,

Aaron always called them his “granny girlfriends” they were always their favorites after they fixed their issues for them,

most all of our employees have their own fan club with our customers,

doing something for someone else always makes for a happy heart,

they ended up fixing her issues with no problem,

she was so very thankful,

loving on them

calling them her honeys

giving them glasses of sweet tea to drink,

“how much do I owe you?” She asked 

Aaron knowing she was on a fixed income said 

“one twenty five” 

picking up all their tools and ready to leave she grabbed Aaron’s hand and patted it softly

“I wish I could give you more, you guys have done a great job and keep the tip for being so sweet” after a quick hug and wave they walked back to the van,

Aaron unfolded his hand to find five dollars…

They both started rolling laughing,

put the van in reverse and headed out to the next job,


yes… heart full that day 

Aaron has since learned to add a “hundred” to his wording but what a sweet way to learn,

she needed help

we just responded with our job,

but in turn got a blessing and laugh that feeds the soul,

later on we got to share with some of her family that lived out of town the whole story,


they called in saying she was telling every one that these two boys worked so hard for $1.25 and she wanted to give them a good tip️

we got the blessing that day and in return got to bless them,

sweet lessons learned on days like this makes life so precious,

so whether on a big or small job,

a career high or low,

fancy or plain,

life is going to teach us lessons

it’s what we chose to make of what is given,

so thankful for the opportunity to serve and help in our small town,

stay tuned we have lots of funny,


edge of your seat news to come,

all about our sweet lives 

sharing one story at a time |

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