Closet door makeover

Using something old & changing it up a bit makes for a sweet redo project…

so we are taking my old closet door and just reusing in my bathroom, that is getting a new makeover. We added a pocket door to the walk in closet, my old closet door was a perfectly good door, although I needed to make it match my renewed bathroom/closet…sooooo cutting off a little of the bottom to fit into the pocket door frame. Love using what you have but making it extra sweet ORIGINAL

Every project has to start with a snack so here goes

Start by sanding the light stain off on the door, just ruffing all the edges and corners, and more in the places you see a good wood grain… those will be great for later in the project

Then your ready to paint THE FUN part

Using extra white/ satin I love matte colors, and usually always use matte, but satin is great to be able to wipe down and it is still not too shiny,so we went with satin too match my wall color

Two coats later pretty pretty white but you know me😉 we have to make it look perfectly VINTAGE

Using 120 sanding paper… this is my favorite part creating the right amount of distress, and highlighting the wood grain I was talking about earlier, this is were you make it your style

Adding as little or as much as you want

Then we added a touch of antique…this is a great way to add another level of vintage touch, just putting it where we want the antiquing to show rubbing it on the corners and raised areas of the door, letting the paint brush strokes stand out, giving it a perfect aged look

Using painter rags or a old tee shirt works perfect

Sweetest vintage pocket door… (shhhhh can you keep a secret???) now I want to paint all my doors 🚪 in my house my hubs might just be in for a shock(lol)

Using my closet door and turning it into the cutest pocket door

Now I think that’s being resourceful 😉always love creating and seeing what I can do… changing one piece at a time and making it your own, can’t wait to show you sweet ones when its all hung up in my new bathroom/closet pocket door (it’s getting its final touches this week) keep watching my stories on Instagram rebekahrobinson03 that’s were you can see all the latest projects we are working on… step by step

thanks so much for following sweet ones and send me some pics of what you are working on… love sharing and restoring all things old

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