Here Again

Summertime is one of the sweetest times.

You stay up way too late 

Late night runs to get ice cream

Road trips to the coolest places

Lake life with friends 

Soaking up all the vitamin E 

Flea market finds

So many cookouts you lost count

Just so many things that help make up sweet memories that last a lifetime 

Summertime is refreshing

This summer the words “be still” have been in my heart, and knowing that most of my life is not “being still”, I have really put much attention to what my heart has been asking-even telling me to do.

Always running from here to there,

always thinking what’s next,

my mind never stops even having a conversation-constantly thinking of the answer that I’m going to give, instead of listening to what this person really needs.

Running a business

Running a home,

Raising three girls…

Being a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, daughter, auntie etc. and just being an intentional friend and just being there for others… but God is teaching me that in my life in-this moment…

to just be present, be ALL in that moment.

Just take a deep breath and “be still”,

see the situation around me,

find the joy in this sweet moment and let everything sink in:

the conversation with a stranger 

the smile of reassurance to that friend, 

watching a new baby animal being born and seeing the miracle in the moment.

Keeping a garden and watching it grow.

Drinking that fresh cup of coffee on the porch when the first rays of sun come up.

Adding that favorite candy bar to the candy dish at work because you know that is their favorite thing at the end of a long day.

Being intentional with my moments…

The song that has been in my head, and heart, for a month now is “here again”

Can’t go back to the beginning

Can’t control what tomorrow will bring

But I know here in the middle

Is the place where You promise to be…

I’m not enough unless You come

Will You meet me here again

‘Cause all I want is all You are

Will You meet me here again

As I walk now through the valley

Let Your love rise above every fear

Like the sun shaping the shadow

In my weakness Your glory appears

Not for a minute

Was I forsaken

The Lord is in this place

The Lord is in this place

Come Holy Spirit

Dry bones awaken

The Lord is in this place

Just having that strong urge lately to just wanting Him “to meet me here again”

I’ve learned that “being still” is not the easiest thing, but as I am intentionally doing it “being still”

is more meaningful conversations,

investing that extra minute, or two, that can change a life, or someone’s day,

learning that sometimes you have to shove all the surface stuff to the side in order to see what’s underneath,

and what you uncover sweet ones is a renewing of your soul

finding those moments that God created me to find and just journaling them down.

Usually writing for me is to discover something I myself am yearning for…

finding that we feel differently because we think differently


in this moment soaking up every intention, every joy and precious breath He has given, savor each opportunity and let him “meet you in this moment again”

remembering we will never pass this way again, so take all of that sweet moment and make it the best and blessed!!!


Sweet Ones 

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