Rummage & Restored

Rummage & Restored

| there are certain things in life you just know you are meant to do,

you feel it deep down inside
it’s in your blood,

you eat, breathe and sleep thinking what next…

this is me

wife, mother, sister, daughter, auntie

friend, encourager, writer, prayer warrior, etc…

decorator, restorer of anything vintage and anything that tells a precious story,

sometimes you get a piece of sweet furniture that just tells its own story,


detailed in every way,

no paint, no cover,

dusting the dirt off, sanding off the rough edges and adding a shine makes for a show stopper,

truly shining, just uniquely beautiful,

realizing how many have sat at this sweet desk

that has been passed down from generation to generation,

Ol’ the stories it could tell,

after years of use this sweet piece was stored in an old barn to keep its value,

many a little lamb huddled under for warmth and protection,

and I’m thinking every chipmunk had their winter stash in the drawers filled to the very tip top,

this piece needed just tender love and care to make its amazingly detailed wood shine bringing its true beauty out,

we are like this piece in so many ways

we may get knocked down

roughed up,

lost or forgotten for a while

maybe lost ourselves in the shuffle of life,

just plain tired,

dear sweet one ol’ gracious

you are loved, you are beautiful

you are worthy, you are unique

you are irreplaceable, the world needs your story

all we need is to give a little tender LOVE,

be picked up and brushed off

chin up,

big girl panties on…

and that is when we truly shine

just raw, open, unique not perfect just YOU

being your best YOU |

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