creative blessings

Sometimes you get an opportunity, a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something special… 

Always loving to create whether it’s painting, designing or decorating using items recycled, creating something from nothing, to create a story or piece you want others to read and enjoy, using little things that make a huge impact, a detail or a minute part; that would catch someone’s attention so….

LEAD CONFERENCE was my opportunity this past week

The lady behind this conference was a sweet friend Tana Woodyard

The Lord had laid it on her heart to start a LEAD CONFERENCE to empower young girls for the Lord to LEAD ~ 1 Timothy 4:12
Don’t let anyone look down on you – because you are young, but set an example – for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith – and in purity.

Tana texted me first of February

Hey lady!!! Would you like to help with Lead??

Decorate the entrance for sure!!! I was thinking of you the other day!

How could I say NO!! 

The word DECORATE was in the message✨

I started throwing ideas around and finally we narrowed it down to one common area for the girls to take pictures and just feel welcomed, with a touch of comfort and cozy, and at the same time using the backdrop as another way of speaking life into these precious girls. By designing the board to hold words of affirmations being spoken over them though out the conference, these words were used to help, encourage and show love.

Creating this board was a way those powerful words would be with them in the backdrop forever with the pictures they took to remind them:

you are loved

you are worthy 

don’t abort the mission 



gracefully broken 

saved by grace, through faith

great is thy faithfulness 

redeeming blood of Jesus Christ



purity (pure heart, clean hands)

Psalms 51

Our Father’s Heart 

fresh start

new beginnings 

distraction is the enemy of destiny 

YOU are not incomplete

Just a small part…

It was powerful verbiage used from the precious speakers of what God gave them to speak over those precious girls on this amazing night.

Being just a small part of a moving of his spirit makes my heart happy and full-to know little me can be used for something different, unique and original.

Whether behind the scenes praying, cutting out flowers, stacking up books, throwing pillows on a blue velvet couch 🛋 serving Jesus is fun y’all really fun, so blessed to do it with a little decorating style

A BIG SHOUTOUT: to my best crew that I didn’t even have to ask twice and they came along and helped with my crazy ideas… from my husband Aaron building the set, my sweet Daddy welding the lights, and my precious Momma hanging with me every second, to Amanda at my office printing, to Anna cutting out paper flowers, to all the clean up crew… MY CREW we made a great team!!!

Most thankful for Tana asking me ❤️ Thank you for letting me be a part of a BLESSED night. Not only to serve in a small way, but to be blessed in return. When you give of yourselves sweet ones you always get the greatest blessing back-ALWAYS

One of the songs sung at the conference has been in my heart all week and so thankful for his FAITHFULNESS ✨

“As I look back over my life
I can see how Your love has guided me
Even though I’ve done wrong
You never left me alone
But You forgave me
And You kept on blessing
This I recall to my mind
Therefore I have hope
It’s because of Your mercy that we are not consumed
Because thy compassions fail not,
They are new every morning
Great is Thy faithfulness
Great is Thy faithfulness You’ve been, Lord You’ve been so faithful
(Even though sometimes I didn’t do what You wanted me to do)
You’ve been, Lord You’ve been so faithful
(Even though sometimes I didn’t say what You wanted me to say)I can never repay You Lord for what You’ve done for me
How You loosed my shackles and you set me free.
How You made a way out of no way
Turned my darkness into day
You’ve been my joy in the time of sorrow
Hope for my tomorrow
Peace in the time of storm
Strength when I’m weak and worn, You’ve been, Lord You’ve been so faithful
(Even though sometimes I didn’t do what You wanted me to do)
You’ve been, Lord You’ve been so faithful
(Even though sometimes I didn’t say what You wanted me to say)
You’ve been FAITHFUL…”

Now on to the next creative BLESSING sweet ones ✨

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