my greatest blessings

One of the greatest blessings and joys I have been given is my three girls,

let me just say, this house is never dull and their daddy needs lots of prayer most of the time.

This year brought on some changes-my oldest going away to college, my middle starting to drive, and the youngest starting middle school,

This will definitely be another blog post going through all those stages…

spring break was a couple weeks ago for my oldest at college and this week is for the younger two,

having them all together is my happy place as a momma,

yes I have only three, most of the time we feel like we have a ton more, like most parents we divide and conquer

running and going in 100 different directions with all the activities they keep us young or give us lots of gray hairs,

but we wouldn’t change a minute of this crazy life.

Laughing until our side hurts over something their dad says is the best and that is quite often, he is not lacking in the prank department.

Most of the time they leave me treasures all around the house, most of the time they are the sweet notes but they take after their dad lots.

Take for instance the shower-there’s mysteriously a hair ball that keeps growing

Thinking they are trying to get a wig together with all that hair,

being a bit concerned at first why they were leaving all that hair on the side of the shower wall…then I realized it was a way to get on momma’s nerve.

So I started playing along and we left it till “plumber dad” said the wig had to go!

Sometimes getting in the car with all the different perfumes my husband says he feels “a sinus infection” coming on.

I would worry about being the perfect momma to them and not wanting them to pick up my bad traits or lack of whatever was not my strong points but I’m learning that every different stage of life brings on new ideas, new ways of doing things and memories that are so special. Instead of worrying, or over thinking the whole new routine and wanting everything to be perfect God gave me this sweet verse:

1 Peter 2:4

Chosen of God, and precious… 

He chose me to be their momma

I’m chosen,

he chose them to be mine,

He kept reminding me:

just like that furniture you love to restore-the more it’s chipped up or cracked the better it is and you absolutely love it more and more.

It has its own story, original one of a kind.

Just like that we don’t have to be perfect momma’s, we need to show our chips and cracks…

Sweet Momma’s 

We have to hang together encouraging and helping each other along the way,

we ain’t perfect (yes I just used that word)

so just know your kiddos ain’t either…

Learning and growing together with my babies has been one of the most trying and greatest gifts as a momma

learning as we go,

one lesson learned at a time

giving lots of grace when needed 

saying sorry when I turn into “Corilla Deville”

learning this momma thing isn’t instant perfection. It’s a marathon

not a 100 meter dash 

slow steady pace at just being the best we can be, chipped and cracked, showing LOVE ❤️ and just not stressing over the hair balls…

Love you sweet ones…

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