spring brings new beginnings

spring time is one of my favorite seasons

A brand new season, everything is growing new again, and with all that newness we have all the beautiful fresh flowers popping up through the ground, trees growing, new leaves popping out, and with warmer weather you just want to go soak up every ray of sunshine

I love starting new projects in this season. Whether it is personal development, reading a new book, a new bible study, giving the house a new lift, painting that ol’ treasure found during the winter months, starting a new work-out plan, just really wanting this month of April to be all about NEW BEGINNINGS

Maybe you’re just starting over on a job, or new family addition, new friendships, whatever the “NEW” is in your life, it can be a little intimidating sometimes… just seeing change can be very scary at times, because we are creatures of habit. We like to keep things normal, easy, not rock the boat, smooth sailing, but I have learned that to have true growth in our lives we have to “shake” things up a bit…step out of our comfort zone

Just like the beautiful flowers of springtime… they grow big and beautiful, but they just came through a BIG change. Autumn brought on cooler weather, beautiful leaves that change color are at their best, then comes frost, and leaves begin to wither and fall off.
Winter brought cold weather with snow, giving rest from their growth season … BUT then here comes Spring and they grow back bigger and more beautiful every year. See ya’ll ” CHANGE can be BEAUTIFUL”

This week, as I was enjoying all the new beginnings of all the flowers, it made me realize that us women, moms, daughters, aunts, sisters, friends are so much like that. We go through cycles where we are growing and feeling that amazing calm of the season, then we start getting a little cold from a situation, or something said, or action done that we don’t quite understand why that happened. Our glow starts fading and we wonder “why are the wheels falling off?” Waters are a little shaky, we withdraw ourselves…

but SWEET ONES it is in THIS season we need to pick ourselves up and realize that in these times He is preparing us for the SPRING in our lives, a new beginning BEAUTIFUL, VIBRANT

so here’s to some SHAKING UP…

Start seeing yourself as the GOOD that you spread to other people,

Start believing that with every open opportunity “opening up” is the first step

Start receiving support as much as you give it away

Start showing gratitude: THANK YOU really, really THANK YOU

Remember sweet ones these bodies and minds God gave us are all we have, BEAUTIFUL in every way… all we have to give is what we have… it is what our STORY is to be written, your story that is there to help other sweet ones on this amazing ride called life… so let’s start those new beginnings together, blooming and growing-one new adventure at a time.



Song of Solomon 2:11-12 See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come

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