chris coderre

our number #1 plumbing technician

Chris has been with us for going on 7 years in April, he came to be part of the R & R Enterprises family in April of 2012. Chris has done about every job here, starting out first as a grease trap driver, pumping out restaurants, gas stations, schools & prisons pretty much wherever they have food he has pumped. His route covered Roanoke,Va. to Knoxville, Tn. running that route for a couple of years,

Chris has since moved into working as our main plumbing technician for the last 4 to 5 years, unstopping sewer and cameraing water & sewer lines, installing water heaters , re-plumbing houses for plumbing are just a few of the things he does, always sending us pictures of the latest objects he has found in the broken lines or stopped up bathrooms, he keeps life interesting around here

We asked Chris what is his favorite part of working @ R & R Enterprises, “helping people in need knowing that my work has made a huge difference in what our customers need” Chris also says that he loves working with a great group of people….

Chris is Aaron’s right-hand man when we are out of town or on different jobs. Chris takes up the slack and is a great help to us all. Chris is always the first one on call and always wanting to help in any emergency, you can see Chris in the service van all around town and he loves serving his community in this way,

Chris has a sweet family: wife Dakota and 4 boys, here are his 2 youngest cuties…

We are so blessed to have Chris on our crew. He is definitely an asset to R & R Enterprises

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