Sweet Sunday

| Our minds are such powerful tools, have you ever felt your mind going in 100 different directions, like on the left side you’re thinking of tomorrow’s goals, running the kids to all their practices, working on the next project, cooking meals for the whole week and taking care of everybody…

right side of brain you are cleaning, and doing laundry, and in the middle there are twenty-five conversations going on in your head… sweet ones I know you are totally with me on this one,

I can remember a Sunday like this, my brain was on overload, we were going to church with my sweet family, just like any normal Sunday, our family was up to sing that day, there is nothing like a huge family getting ready the sweet Lord’s day that seems it’s the day that everything falls apart, your ox gets in the ditch (as my grandpa would say) you name it Sunday mornings bring out the most interesting personalities 😉 nothing like rushing around trying to keep your sanity for church even if you are fighting on the way up the road you walk through the door smiling Jesus loves ya!!! Please tell me your family is like this too….

so Sundays are the most treasured memories I have with my big family, we always had a church with Jesus, then we would always have a huge dinner we had worked on together, then there was always that great Sunday afternoon nap nothing better but one of the best memories with my family was singing, singing has always been a very happy part of our family, my mother always had us a song to sing always putting a melody in our heads and hearts either at home or church,

so on this particular Sunday morning we were ready to sing , I can remember going through the motions but wasn’t concentrating on what my mission was on that day to minister through song to those who needed those precious words, I was so consumed with what had to be done and accomplished, totally wasn’t focused on the moment and so therefore this is where this little lesson came in for me….God has a very good sense of humor did you know that? So we always had a certain standing order when we sang at church, I know that sounds crazy but me and my dad always sang the lead note, and of course we would get very loud standing beside each other, honestly (just between us) we always battled who could sing the loudest or speed the song up faster… 🙂 me and my dad always had to keep the song very interesting for the rest of the family

my sister always sang the low part and she would always stand between me and dad, my sweet mama would be on the end holding up our whole family, you know the queen of the crew, so here we go I can’t even remember what we were singing that day but I just remember that day forever ingrained in my memories,

let me set the stage for you a little bit we were up on the platform, straight back at the very back of the church was a huge clock so if you’re on the platform that was in your direct view, Any who… at that moment I was locked in on the clock for some reason,

I always wondered growing up why they put that clock there but maybe it was…to remind the preachers when they needed to get done… maybe…not all of them precious preachers watched that clock I’m sure of it, but some did…and our stomachs always thanked those precious ones, there is nothing like hungry as a Sunday in church, the song started out great, totally normal like any other Sunday that we had sang,

and then it happened out of the blue we saw it, a massive fly, like not your normal fly, like a horsefly that had lived for 100 years, hummingbird size those that make that loud buzzing noise, it had a full coat of fur… like beautiful locks floating in the air….that massive thing was coming straight toward us,

at that moment my mind was scrambling I was praying…“please Lord let it go to the left or right or just die mid air” (I asked for forgiveness on that one)

All at the same time trying to remember the words of the song we were singing, thinking do I duck down, start swaying with my eyes closed…. people may just think, Ol’ the Spirit is here…bless her raise my hands with a wave or two, drop to my knees… all this was scrabbling through my mind, I felt my sister grab my hand like “help, what in the world do we do”…

loser and closer it came, I know there was steam coming from my brain trying to figure a way of escape, who knows at that point what song was coming out of our mouths, then all of a sudden I flinched….. and it hit my sister right in the forehead… falling on to the words of our song just buzzing round and round… stunned from the impact of the hard hit it had just encountered, well, honey you can only imagine what happened next…. my sister and I tried to contain ourselves, but the giggles took over and we ended up singing and laughing which turned into laughing-crying-singing, unable at this point to stop the laughter,

I do remember my dad finally stopping the song and saying something like “God moving in mysterious ways” all the while letting his laughter out too…my dad always was able to control situations with the greatest of ease, he always had a gift of making something very serious very funny, and lightening the mood,

At that point half the church was laughing, the other half did not realize what was going on and thought we were crying because the spirit touched us…well that was a Spirit all right, we finished the song, tears streaming down our faces through clenched teeth we tried our best to get the song out of our ever laughing souls, because the whole incident playing over in our minds over and over….

getting back to my seat and getting our composure the Lord in his still small voice said, “Do I have your attention now sweet one” let me guide you, let me love you, let me just take over those worries and stresses, let me take over to ease your way, isn’t that just like God, when we are trying to do everything ourselves, letting our minds over crowd with stuff we think is so important and that in the long run we can’t do anything until the Lord takes over,we think everything is just going to go as it normally does, because we have done the same thing over and over you think life is good enough but if we would only stop and realize we are nothing without Him and he is in control and that is the best part,

that day he He sent me a fly,  God puts a little spice and laughter in our lives !!! That fly taught me that day that we may think we have everything under control but He wanted to remind me to give it all to Him and he will make it so much more LIVELY so TRUST…

Psalms 3:5-6 trusting him with all my heart and leaning not on what I think imagine or bad feelings, but in all my ways except, recognize the fact He is directing my path.

Our minds are powerful tools…Ol’ sweet ones let laughter take over in your bodies & minds, it’s like medicine for the soul |

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