Sweet Mother-in-law

Showing a little LOVE on the blog today for my sweet mother-in-law Carolyn Robinson because this week is her BIRTHDAY…

Wanting to write something extra special for this amazing lady right here. A tribute to her was what I was thinking this week.

She is by far the best mother-in-law I could have ever asked for. In thinking of a tribute I goggled the word “tribute” ( an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration ) so that is what we are wanting to try ourselves to do in words-a little gift to her to keep forever for our sweet Mother-in-law, Mother and Memaw.

Mattie – Memaw

When I think about Memaw I think of animal love, someone that cares deeply, very compassionate, loving and many other qualities I could go on and on about. She is such a hard working and dedicated woman. She’s always on a mission and helping wherever she can. She pushes me to be the best young woman I can be and makes sure I’m surrounding myself with the right kind of people ❤️

Sadie – Memaw

When I think of Memaw I think of her mashed potatoes, and she loves me, our farm and animals, and how I love them just like her

Gracie – Memaw

She’s always there if I need anything and seriously-anything. Sadie may like the mashed potatoes but the green beans are better

Aaron – Mother

When I think of Mom you are a true example of someone always willing to give of themselves. From the time I was a little boy to this day I have always known I could depend on you for anything. I’ve watched you sacrifice your time for all of us your entire life. Your work ethic has definitely worn off on me. You’re constantly telling me to slow down but I think I learned from the best LOL

There is so very much I could say about her. She is by far one of the hardest working women around. I have never seen her meet a challenge she gave up on. She works hard to the very finish. We have worked alongside each other in business, farming, gardening, bible study and laughed and cried with each other. Together we have experienced every kind of emotion you could over the last 20+ years. you see I started dating her son when I was just 16 so their family has always been part of my family, my parents and Bill & Carolyn were friends long before I even started dating Aaron💙

Over the years our relationship has grown as mother-in-law/daughter and she is a true model of what a strong woman should be. I know that in any situation or anytime we needed something or guidance we could go and ask her opinion and she would honestly give it to me in a very sincere, sweet way-not telling me what to do but leading and guiding me in the right direction

I love how she loves people – she has always loved me unconditionally

I love how she loves food.-I do too and we so enjoy cooking and sharing everything we’ve made or what we tried to make.,,good or bad.

I love how she laughs-she always has laughter in her soul even though she may have the weight of the world on her she always seems to turn it around with a good story to laugh over the whole situation

She will be _____ on Thursday!!!! wait a minute I can’t tell you how old she will be………………………………….. anyway she’ll be the right age this year and we’re so excited that we can celebrate her!!!!

One of my favorite memories of Carolyn…

One of my favorite memories of her is when Aaron and I started dating, when I was 16, we got married at 19 so we’ve kinda grew up together over those years. Carolyn has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders over the years, even though Aaron and I broke up quite a few times from 16 to 19. But we always seemed to get back together and Carolyn always loved me no matter what. One of those breakups came after Aaron had even proposed and I gave him the ring back!!! yes shocker….. so sorry on that (I was young and well, we will leave the rest of that sentence…) but he told me that if I ever wanted to get back with him I had to ask his PARENTS if I could marry him. I don’t know if that was to scare me away or knowing that IF I did ask them that I was saying I wanted to be a permanent fixture in his life forever. Well that day came and I remember asking him to “Marry Me” yes honey I did, and guess what he said “YES for the second time” thinking I had gotten away with the threat to me on asking his parents we were so in love at that moment… thinking he had forgotten WELL

All was well and good until I got ready to leave, mind you it was very late everyone was in bed and he says “you have to go ask my parents!!!!!!!!!!!” I argued for quite a while saying they would say no because I woke them up or they would never speak to me because this was the craziest thing ever to do….

But he said no I won’t give you the ring back until you do…… Well here I go tip-toeing, praying they wouldn’t answer the door, getting to his parents bedroom mind you it’s very late and the door was shut. I’m whispering “I can’t knock on the door” he said “oh yes you can” I could see the laughter all over his face by then mind you I could have knocked the grin off…if I hadn’t loved him so much. I turned to knock on the door and the door flies open scared/shock turns to tears and laughter because they knew something was going on and they couldn’t wait any longer to find out……… so I asked them “can I marry your son” I did not even get the words out of my mouth before she grabbed me, hugged me tight and said this is what we have always prayed for-you are our family… and with that I knew I belonged to them as much as to Aaron forever loved, forever accepted.

She is by far a great mother who has raised wonderful children including a great man to be my husband and she is a great Memaw to my three girls

She is at every event sporting event or surgery or anything we need her for, she loves animals like no other, raised everything from horses, cows, dogs, chickens, goats, pigs the list could go on & on. Her love for animals has been handed down to my girls, showing them how to love & raise their animals. She showed them how to ride horses like the best of them because she has been a champion herself, she was one of the best show women around in her day.

I love her she is MY MOTHER-IN-LAW …. thank you Carolyn for being you and loving me I am forever BLESSED!!!


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