morning joy

One baby step at a time,
gets us ready for those big steps

Have you ever felt nervous,
and right there in the middle of all those feelings you’re just not sure why you feel that way? You go to bed with lots on your mind, you’re just plain restless not able to sleep,
you get all confused and scared?
We have such worries at times, we find ourselves getting our minds on something, a situation out of our control, and before long we would have imagined the whole scenario through and thinking the whole story through but in reality none of it exists or was even reality. Or we do have the reality called life and we are overcome with fear.
Those thoughts soon control your day, control your mind, they become all consuming of you, affecting how you respond, how you act.

Well I have been here at this place, and it was not fun, or making my life successful at all… so I started a new thing years ago that has changed my life, so here is to sharing with you sweet ones…
Changing my morning routine… YES Changing my morning routine has been the biggest and best habit that I have put into place and have seen amazing results and changes in my life!!!
Did you know that your mornings set the tone for the whole day?
So here are some small changes I started implementing in my life.
I know you’re probably saying… “I’m not a morning person” “I’m not alive till I’ve had my coffees ☕️ (I’m with ya on that one) but remember small changes lead to big changes!!!! So I began speaking abundant life and sharing joy for each new day.
I love mornings it is a fresh new start,
before my feet hit the floor…

Started by a prayer of thanks for my sweet family and giving God thanks for another day. SMILE – yes you read that right 😀 *our outer world will always be a reflection of our inner world* Grabbing a cup of coffee, love going out and sitting on the porch before the sun even comes up.

Just listening and just breathing in all the sweet country air, hearing the rooster crowing in the barn lot making sure everyone’s up because he sure is… thankful they supply us good breakfast too 🍳
Watching the horses running and playing just before dawn – praying for as much energy as they have for the new day.

Hearing the gentle sound of the creek flowing-praying that my joy will flow on others just like that sweet sound.

These small changes have been life changing ones that make you realize each day is precious.
Just realizing where you are and being present in the moment is most rewarding because…
this minute you’re in,
will never pass again,
so learning and wringing every joy out of that moment is the best thing ever. Just start writing three joys from your day❤️

Starting out in thankfulness makes all your anxiety and fear disappear – replacing it with gratitude.
“With praise comes peace…”
Taking these small little steps of changing out my worries with praise, and setting up a routine of abundant life has made for,
one sweet day turning into another sweet day and another day
turns into a week and then a week
turns into a month and before long you have a brand new habit.

The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod ~ “Focused, productive, successful mornings generate focused, productive, successful life ~ in the same way the unfocused, unproductive, and mediocre days, lead ultimately to a mediocre quality of life. By simply changing the way you wake up in the morning, you can transform any area of your life, faster than you ever thought possible”

When you realize what you are capable of and what our minds can do for the good… ol’ sweet one we can move mountains
we can shine brighter, love the mostest, you are worthy, happiness is so deserving, shine bright ✨

“JOY” just say that ten times,
see your smile is Growing and Glowing ✨